Our Third Journey to Master Your Mission!

Years from now, you may look at back and this point in your life and ask: "Did I rise? Did I show up?"

In these rapidly changing times, we have been amazed by the millions of women coming together to create a better world, so we are breaking the mold with this year's Master Your Mission. Instead of taking an intimate group overseas, we are taking root in Big Sky country and opening our doors to create a summit for the pioneering women of our time who are forging the path for generations to come.

When women with a mission come together, the world listens...

Join us in Missoula, Montana to Master Your Mission!

Master Your Mission is an immersive leadership summit designed to reinvent the way you show up and take action in the world.

Let’s just say my mind was blown and my eyes were opened. I am already planning for the next one!”
— Heather B., MYM '15 & '16


  • Who you are: BEING Workshop: Defining your legacy
  • What you stand for: SAYING Workshop: Giving your mission the voice it needs to thrive
  • What you're doing: ACTION Workshop: Taking meaningful action toward furthering the mission you care about
  • Who's joining: MEDIA Workshop: How to build identity, content, strategy and share it online and offline
  • How you're showing up: LEADERSHIP Workshop: How to inspire others to help you build your movement
  • What and who you need: SELF-CARE Workshop: Habits and strategies to set yourself up for success

Leave as a leader reborn...

Photo by the incredible Melissa Shearer

Photo by the incredible Melissa Shearer

I knew that when I made the decision to apply to Master Your Mission that it would be life changing. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it exceeded any expectations...I would recommend this experience to any person looking to rejuvenate their passion in and for life because we were all born with something. Master Your Mission is a blessing to the world.
— -Alyxaundria S., MYM '16


MISSOULA, MONTANA | September 17th-21st | E Bar L Ranch

TUITION INCLUDES: $2500 (early-bird) | $3500 regular

Once you're off the plane, you're covered! 

  • Course & Materials
  • Lodging & Food
  • Transportation to and from Missoula Airport
  • Daily delicious coffee from Caffe Unimatic 
  • And many extra special goodies we have planned!  


  • Entrepreneurs & Solopreneurs

  • High-level Corporate Women

  • Consultants & Freelancers

  • Nonprofit Leaders

  • Authors & Speakers



If you’re A GAME-CHANGING WOMAN, we invite you to master your mission and Apply Here. 

Jackie and Elisabeth are truly inspiring and know just exactly how to challenge you to bring out the best in you. My confidence in myself, my mission, and my business has increased so much in 1 week! Words just don’t do MYM justice. Get your butt to the next session.
— -Melissa S., MYM '16

Some of the places WE'VE BEEN FEATURED:

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