MYM 2015

They arrived on the Etruscan Coast of Italy - passionate, driven and excited to make a difference - but not exactly sure how to take the next step. In the five days that followed, under the rays of the Tuscan sun, they harnessed their narrative, built content, and started sharing with the world in the way that only they could. They found their voice in the whispers of Mediterranean Sea breezes. They learned about themselves and their counterparts on the journey and emerged forever changed… 

On July 12th, we embarked on a journey that was nothing short of magical! In 5 short days, businesses and lives changed. We got to inspire others, but more importantly we were inspired by the passions and dreams of the women who joined us our cardinal voyage, to Master Your Mission. 

some thoughts from the Class of 2015:

"Have you ever taken a huge leap of faith, the kind where you don't know all of the information but enough to jump? That's what MYM has been to me. I'm so glad I signed up and went on faith. It was an amazing experience where I met new friends, time to unwind, laugh and let go of some of the things that were holding me back in life and business. Let's just say my mind was blown and my eyes were opened. I am already planning for the next one!" 

"It opened my eyes to culture, what's important to me & why. It helped me to see how important and relevant my message is to woman from all walks of life." 

"Thank you for helping us to turn our mission into something big, worthwhile, and that we truly believe in."