What would the world be like if you changed it?


Our Mission

This question means everything to us, so we are addressing it in a BIG way! Master Your Mission is a leadership summit for high-achieving women, the game-changers. Our mission is to help women from all corners of the world harness, refine, and share their mastery.

You have unique gifts that only you can give to the world. To share this gift, you must feel confident sharing your story in a way that is authentically you. No matter what it is that you do, where you came from, the mountains you've scaled or the oceans you've moved - your story is the thread that ties together who you are, why you're here, and why it matters!

The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Elisabeth Cardiello


Jacqueline Boone

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Elisabeth Cardiello is a narrator and nostalgist and has a history of making magic happen. She started her entrepreneurial journey at a young age and her love of learning and making an impact slowly became an integral part of her story.  

With her first product on shelves and board meeting participation under her belt as a teenager, she graduated summa sum laude from Wagner College, helped establish and was a founding member of their Accelerated MBA program, graduating again at the top of her class. Even while gaining some mainstream experience in the world of finance, Elisabeth found herself enrolled in Lean Sigma Training and labeled as a Change Agent at Credit Suisse and devised a business plan for a new kind of incubation space while working at a $3 billion alternative asset management shop. It was her constant pursuit of knowledge and creating that led to her exit from corporate life. She has been involved in a myriad of projects since then, ranging from real estate to the co-working/incubation movement to coffee, consulting, speaking, even dabbling in travel and healthcare.

She is currently Founder and CEO of Caffè Unimatic, Inc., a nostalgic coffee company with half century old roots, inspired by a rare, Italian-made, vintage-yet-modern stovetop percolator (with one amazing story!) that is changing the way coffee is roasted, brewed and consumed. Her line of coffee is sold in the famous DiPalo’s grocery in Little Italy and will also soon be featured in Whole Foods. Her story is nothing short of amazing and she has been featured by NBCTEDx Fulton Street, AMEX OPEN Forum, The Soho Collective, Coffee Crazy: The Book, AOL Ventures’ Panel of New Ideas, WS Radio on Entrepreneurship and Creating Sustainable Success and Coffee: The Musical among others. Elisabeth is also a 2015 nominee for The Edison Award in Innovation and serves annually on the production team of Three Dot Dash's Just Peace Summit, that brings together "Global Teen Leaders," social entrepreneurs from all over the world, and works with them to further their work and amplify their message globally.

She is also the Co-Founder of Legacy Out Loud, a global initiative to refocus the foundational conversations that inspire, empower and give young women the foundation to think and act entrepreneurially. Elisabeth is also Vice President of the Alumni Board of Directors, is a guest professor and is spearheading the creation of The Sir Peter Cardiello Center for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Wagner College. Her fundraising work for this project was honored by the NY RedBulls, naming her the MLS Works Community MVP, one of only 19 people in the country to be recognized by Major League Soccer with this award. Elisabeth is also a Dame of Malta, an outdoor enthusiast and lover of coffee, soccer, Crossfit, brainstorming and helping others craft their legacies and tell their authentic stories.


Jacqueline Boone is an adventurer. Her love of travel and connecting with people from all over the world has shaped her career and persona more than just about anything else in her life. She is wanderlust personified. 

This love for exploring the world and various cultures led her to China for 3 years after graduating with honors from Boston University with a BA in English. She worked for the Harvard-affiliated nonprofit, Worldteach, as a volunteer teacher in rural Hunan province. As the only female foreigner in the town who did not speak Mandarin, she had to learn quickly how to communicate effectively to her 21 classes of 60 students each. Her second year in China took her to Hangzhou, where she taught at Hangzhou Technology University, Cisco Systems Inc., Bel Power, and other multinationals and institutions.

By the time she became a team leader for ARAMARK during the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, she had become fluent in Mandarin and managed 100-Chinese speaking staff. Once back in the states, she moved to San Francisco working directly for the CEO to manage international M&A for a 2-billion dollar corporation, Volt, building their strategic partnerships in international markets. She also directed social media for two of their technology business units. 

Jacqueline built Boone Consulting to work with mission-driven entrepreneurs and companies who want to make a profound impact on a global scale. She combines her international expertise in business, digital marketing and communications, and education to teach the leadership, business, and digital marketing skills to expand quickly. Her clients have described her as a walking catalyst, lightning in a bottle, and even a cheerleader for the world. 

In addition, Jacqueline has extensive experience in the publishing and communications industries, including marketing experience with InStyle magazine as well as writing and working for publications such as: Little Pink Book magazine, Atlanta Woman, and MORE (a Chinese publication focused towards expatriates and locals). It was this love of connecting people through media and the big question posed to her at a conference, "What would you do if you had 6 months to live?" that inspired her to first start 6 Months to Live, a blog chronicling her 6-month experiment. Over time, the blog grew into a Kickstarter-backed web show and is now an online publication dedicated to inspiring people to take action on living lives they love.

She is also an accomplished public speaker and in addition to giving her first TEDx talk, was the twice-elected VP of PR for her local Toastmasters' group. She has a passion for learning and education and frequently teaches or speaks on Business and Digital Marketing Strategies for companies and venues such as IBM, WeWork, Passion into Action, and many others around the world.